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Innovation for fiberLead the world

The products are widely used in the fields of automobile industry, energy transportation, building materials, outdoor leisure, safety protection, highway anti-bar and so on.
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Global polyester industrial fiber manufacturer

Zhejiang Guxiandao Green Fiber Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise established in June 2003. Focusing on polyester industrial fiber, adhering to the concept of “creating the industry and changing according to needs”, Guxiandao always takes innovation as the core and source of power, and continues to lead the development of industry and industrial chain.

Guxiandao advocates “making innovation discover more fibers”, with the vision of “creating a century-old enterprise and achieving a better life”, and constantly making breakthroughs in low-energy-saving social responsibility and product application, so that all aspects of life are caused by The ancient fiber road has become better.

Guxiandao Innovation is the fiber, leading the world!


Company dynamics

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