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Risk prevention, hidden dangers, accidents - production of four "safe production months" in Junerelease time:2019-06-20

       June is the eighteenth "safe production month" launched by China. The theme of this year's event is “Preventing Risk, Removing Hazards, and Curbing Accidents”. According to the theme of the event, combined with the actual situation of the company's safe production, the production four decided to carry out the “safe production month” within the department.

       The event formulated a detailed activity plan, including safety publicity and education, job risk identification and analysis, job emergency rescue plan training, irregular inspection of special equipment, and safety month work summary.

       1. In the safety publicity and education, the workshop teams will focus on safety training and education activities, and organize employee learning according to the production situation. The training content includes safety production laws and regulations, corporate safety and environmental protection concepts, departmental emergency rescue, workshop fire prevention, and post safety risks. In terms of other aspects, the safety awareness of all employees will be improved. The training pictures and training records will be uploaded to the department audit team, and the training records will be recorded to the department security officer;

       2. Set up activity groups on the basis of workshops, organize the work of hazard source identification to look back, comprehensively identify the safety risks in production processes, equipment facilities, operating environment, etc., and organize good management and control to identify the safety risks. Analyze and formulate corresponding rectification and prevention measures so that each employee in the position can eliminate or avoid risks and protect the personal safety of the post employees.

       3. Each workshop combines the actual situation of the post, and conducts an emergency training drill for the post. It is required to submit the paper and electronic drill training records to the department security officer for record;

       4. On-the-spot inspections of four on-site forklift operations and electric hoist hoisting operations are carried out from time to time to correct on-site illegal operation, illegal driving, and uncivilized operation;

       5. Carry out a summary appraisal of the workshop inspections in the first half of the department, and reward the workshops with outstanding performance;

      The production four will aim to prevent major risks, eliminate safety hazards in a timely manner, and effectively curb production safety accidents. Through the “Safe Production Month” campaign, employees' safety production awareness will be enhanced, employees' safety quality will be improved, and the workshop will be strictly managed. We will implement safety production responsibilities, create a good safety production environment, promote the improvement of safety production level and the steady improvement of the safety production situation.

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