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The first supervision and review of the intellectual property management system was held as scheduledrelease time:2019-06-20

        On June 18, 2019, two auditors, Ms. Meng Fei and Chen Lixin of Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. conducted the first supervision and audit of the operation of our intellectual property management system. Technical Center, Human Resources Department, Administration Department, Finance The relevant departments of the Ministry, the Purchasing Department, the Sales Department and other departments participated in the audit, providing relevant audit records for the audit teachers in a timely manner, and doing their best to successfully pass the system audit.

        Intellectual Property Management System Our company was first certified and successfully obtained the certificate in June last year. The conclusion of this supervision and audit indicates that the system is stable and effective in our operation. After more than one year of operation, the company has more awareness of intellectual property rights. Deep, the audit teacher gave affirmation. At the same time, there are certain problems in the work. The auditor finally issued two general non-conformities for rectification and proposed two suggestions for improvement.

        In the future work, we will continue to improve and make continuous progress. Through the PDCA's broken cycle, the work will be upgraded to a higher level.

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