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       The company is developing a full-process automation control system for polyester industrial yarn, which realizes intelligent engineering of polyester polymerization, melt conveying, spinning drafting, winding, online inspection, warehousing and logistics, and constructs a big data analysis system through terminal products. Physical property data enables intelligent control of the production process.

       We have the world's leading production technology and equipment, and have completed the production of 540,000 tons of modified polyester chips and 580,000 tons of differentiated polyester industrial filament production line.

      •Huitong company continuous polymerization production equipment 

      •Saurer Barmag's spinning machine

      •Japan TMT spinning machine 

      •GILBOS and Dietze-Schell's parallel machine

      •Italy's SIMA company's coarse-density joint-strand twisting machine 

      •Saurer Allma's double twister

      •French RITM company double twisting machine


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